Auto Travões Viseu developed a new friction testing equipment - Chase Machine!
The development was based on the SAE - J661 - Brake Linning Quality Control Test Procedure.

All equipment was developed in the Auto Travões Viseu's maintenance shop , under the guidance of Ramiro Boloto on the mechanical and pneumatic parts and in the development of hardware and software under the guidance of Adriano Boloto.

Over and over, the whole process, of equipment construction, had the participation and involvement of other technicians, of whom stand Mr.Chandan Bhattacharya and William James Adams. The first as a consultant and the second had active participation in the development of software. This participation was due to a memorandum of agreement signed between the stage Auto Travões Viseu and ISPV Viseu - Viseu School of Technology - Computer Engineering Course - supervisor: professor - Dr. Ernesto Rodrigues Almeida.

This equipment will allow to Auto Travões Viseu greater reliability in obtaining data on tests of quality performance - wear and friction - from friction products manufactured.

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