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- Reception of the client piece;
- Evaluation and contract with the client.

The failure appears on the brakes linings and clutches when the wear material ends and the discs begin to scratch, in those cases, and systematically, it replaces the all set of brake lininig and clutch facing, sending the inoperable material to the trash which at best will stop on an iron foundry for recycling.

- Drum and brakes discs
- Clutch cover and flywheel
Forragem de Discos
relining clutch discs
- Clutches
- Brakes
Colagem de Maxilas
brake shoes bonding
- Cars
- Motorcycles
Cravagem de Maxilas
brake shoes relining
- Trucks
- Industrials
the idea of recondition

The idea came when one found that more than 85% of cases, the grinding for disks and drums , does not exceed the safety limits in terms of material strength, that this griding can be compensated with the wear material to apply and, in terms of operation and reliability, the treated material retakes the technical characteristics back. Thus the reconditioning of brakes and clutches, not only on vehicles as other industrial and agricultural machinery, can turn trash, keeping the same part, i.e.: the piece of iron, with original vehicle left the factory, for re-use with the same quality and reliability of a new part. This way, the company contributes to the reduction of waste and scrap from the full replacement of brakes and clutches, which have possibility and offer warranty to be reconditioned:
- Clutch disc Relining;
- Grinding: drums, discs, clutch covers, flywheels;
- Brake shoe bonding;
- relining brake shoe for trucks.
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